Wednesday, November 26, 2003

movie review: love actually

movie review: love actually a sweet little movie in the sweet kind of cute sense. it was not as cutsie as it could have been, nor certainly as complicated as it could have been -- but it did have plenty of complications, enough to make it real and ring true on many counts.

the best thing about it was the humor -- good solid english humor -- a little bit slapstick, a little bit sly, with some good little jabs in on current affairs. the funniest perhaphs, being the relationship started while being the two are stand-ins for a porn movie.

there were perhaps a one too many relationships with gorgeous younger women falling for old men, but it is hollywood after all.

the worst thing though, is that i have this really dreadful pop song stuck in my head which does not want to seem to leave. urgh.

Monday, November 17, 2003


contrary to an earlier blog, I have had a philosophical thought or two recently. I had a rare glimpse of the size of the universe as my mind fugued on thoughts about creation and existence, if there is a god who created the universe that means there is something outside of the universe which implies perhaps there is something containing the universe, and why are we here exactly, and why am i walking down this street thinking about what would be if i didn't exist, which is when my head really started hurting and I decided to concentrate on walking straight.

i did bump into one of my third graders from last year. he was excited to see me, "mr cotter!" and was telling me about 4th grade and watching the movie holes and reading the book. I was sad that I could not remember his name as I have done before. I had to look up later. ralph.

power puff girl

liz perusing some goods on the way to a party

and clouds of course

house hunting and cats

more house and apartment hunting this weekend. some prices defying all logic and sense, others fitting within the otherwise already completely awful grand scheme of housing prices in san francisco. but there were some cute cats hanging about:

Friday, November 14, 2003

24 x 7

Photos i took thinking that I would submit them to the 24x7 book. None of them were probably good enough, but I still like some of them...

web be sushi

America 24x7 is a cool project in any case.


Have I said I love clouds yet? And San Francisco?

i love clouds and san francisco

my cube lives, long live the cube

thanks to the fine attention of MacAdam here in SF, my Cube is now back up and running. Not that they could tell me really what I did. Luckily, nothing was damaged, not even the original RAM I had. Go figure. Now I've tripled my RAM and my Cube is humming along nicely again. Except for the fact that they told me there is some unfixable damage on my hard drive, so a lingering fear will remain until I decide to replace it, or get a new computer. Technology is awful sometimes.

What else to say? i've been busy at work, and all my philosophy is going into my novel. Ok, well it's not even really going in there, except what already is there of course (some 5000 words). I'm hoping I might double the words by the end of the month -- well shy of my the NaNo 50,000 goal, but it's been a tough month.

I did have a couple amusing BART experiences lately. One woman nearly falling on me as she got up from her seat, and as the train suddenly changed speed, who then dissolved into embarrased laughter. It was a little disconcerting to hear noise.

I definitely have an aversion to speaking on public transport. Maybe because I know if I was someone else, I would be listening, I don't know. Anyway, so I'd made eye contact with this one heavy set hispanic-looking guy one night as I walked down the stairs to the platform on 16th Street, and he struck up a conversation with me, trying to figure out which way he should be going. It didn't take a couple words to know that he was drunk.

He followed me on board and sat down next to me..
- Are you a professor or something?
- No, I said. What? Is it my grey hair? The jacket?
- No, you just look smart. You probably work the computers and stuff.
- Yep, that's what I do.
- Oh, you're going to destroy us all one day, he said very matter of factly.
- Huh?
- Well you know like that Terminator 3 shit. You're going to invent something like that, man.
- Uh, I don't think so.

Monday, November 10, 2003

my cube may be dead, long live the cube

i took a chance and installed some memory a friend at work gave me. everything i could find online indicated it would be fine. alas. twas not the case. two sticks definitely did not work so I took them out and put my old one back in, with one of the new ones remaining. and then nothing happened when I booted up. ugh.

just in the middle of nanowrimo as well.

we also have started looking at some housing as well. what a racket. the whole thing. I feel like a chum floating on the ocean top, unaware of the depths below me and the sharks just below the surface. A couple of the places we looked at were ellis acted. All the tenants kicked out. One place we looked at still had the tenant. We handed the paper back to the lady. Sorry, we don't think we could turn around and kick someone else out of their place. And 400,000 for it. Probably the nicest place we saw in some ways. It felt like a home, but otherwise it was kind of a dump. The price was reduced. If anyone still decides to buy they'd have to be half crazy. Or desperate. A point I hope we never get to.

The weekend was gorgeous though in many ways, reminding me about how much I love living here. Last night on the way back from buying a replacement toilet flusher, I rushed a little ways up Bernal Heights to catch the sun setting across these huge clouds trolling over Marin., huge thunderhead like clouds lit orange.

A hummingbird checked me out a little bit hovering her hovering there not 5 feet away and then zooming off, around a corner and into another yard. Bye bye birdie...

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Day of the Dead

day of the dead

Faces in the dark

hot/cold weather

cold november

Monday, November 03, 2003

Monty Python and San Franciso

Our weather has been a bit like the Holy Grail, the part where they are journeying and the voice over is speaking about the season "Spring became Summer and Summer skipped fall and went straight into winter"

A week ago it was 90 in the day and warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt at night. A couple days later their was an ice storm in marin, and, for san francisco, it has been as cold as it ever gets. Which is cold for us Californian Weather Wimps :-)

Last night it really poured a while ( this morning it was clear blue skies). It mostly held off during Day of the Dead, it had looked like it was going to be completely miserable, but it held off -- thanks to friends 'Deep and Amy who bought an umbrella!

I forgot about these posters. They are brilliant. Unmotivation at its finest. My favorite of this years batch is