Monday, November 10, 2003

my cube may be dead, long live the cube

i took a chance and installed some memory a friend at work gave me. everything i could find online indicated it would be fine. alas. twas not the case. two sticks definitely did not work so I took them out and put my old one back in, with one of the new ones remaining. and then nothing happened when I booted up. ugh.

just in the middle of nanowrimo as well.

we also have started looking at some housing as well. what a racket. the whole thing. I feel like a chum floating on the ocean top, unaware of the depths below me and the sharks just below the surface. A couple of the places we looked at were ellis acted. All the tenants kicked out. One place we looked at still had the tenant. We handed the paper back to the lady. Sorry, we don't think we could turn around and kick someone else out of their place. And 400,000 for it. Probably the nicest place we saw in some ways. It felt like a home, but otherwise it was kind of a dump. The price was reduced. If anyone still decides to buy they'd have to be half crazy. Or desperate. A point I hope we never get to.

The weekend was gorgeous though in many ways, reminding me about how much I love living here. Last night on the way back from buying a replacement toilet flusher, I rushed a little ways up Bernal Heights to catch the sun setting across these huge clouds trolling over Marin., huge thunderhead like clouds lit orange.

A hummingbird checked me out a little bit hovering her hovering there not 5 feet away and then zooming off, around a corner and into another yard. Bye bye birdie...


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