Friday, February 21, 2003

ubiquity of photographers
the other thing that struck me at the protest, was the ubiquity of cameras. everyone taking pictures of everyone else. it would be fun to reassemble a snapshot, different views of the same thing - a strange animation of sorts.

ubiquity of photographers
another favorite shot the sign just comes out very cool.

ubiquity of photographers
young SFPD officer keeping an eye out. not sure what to make of his expression.

book review adventures of kavalier and clay by michael chabon. a brilliant book i thought. one of the best i've read since, captain corellis mandolin. interesting characters and period of history from an interesting angle, comic book characters as golems, witty dialogue (clay, his mother and boyfriend at his mom's house for dinner), great phrasing(wish i had the book i'd copy out a couple) and capturing of mood and personality. don't know if it was the descriptions themselves, the subject matter or what, but it definitely made me want to draw...

past few weeks have been busy at work, so not felt inclined to write. there then, of course, are some days where i feel, "what the hell am i writing this for anyway?"

went to the SF peace rally (was it only) last weekend. click and check out the photos

balloons for peace

A San Francisco gathering can't help but have a ton of people trying to outdo each other with clever witty sayings, signs and/or costumes. It's fun, but sometimes it gets to be a little too much. What's the message, here? one might ask: a little too many people focusing on Bush's failings which is not going to convince anyone not to go to war.

movie review confessions of a dangerous mind another brilliant creation of charlie kaufman, assisted by great camera work ( the same cinematographer as steven soderburgh I assume ) and acting. not bad for a first time director (g. clooney). good story no matter its truth or fiction.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

more serious stuff condolences to the family of the columbia's crew. We woke up to the bad news on the radio early on Saturday, as I got up to take my wife to the airport. It is hard to imagine what the crew must have gone through -- it probably was quick, but long enough to be terrified. The strange thing was, I'd considered getting up to see it go across the sky. First time in a long time I'd actually paid any attention to a shuttle. It was all cloudy though, so I did not make the effort, but it was already on my mind as I woke up that morning.

My paranoid side immediately thought -- what a great distraction for Bush to have at his hands -- but I can't believe it. Still it has been an evil few years for large losses like that.

movie review lagaan. I have always viewed musicals as a somewhat suspect breed of movies. I was somewhat turned around by my little sister who was into Fred Astaire and Sinatra movies, and whenever I was home I'd often end up watching and enjoying them. But still suspicion has lingered.

The other night though I saw a Bollywood film. Bollywood for those of you who don't know is the Hollywood of India, and they are quite prolific. Most of the movies ( if not all? ) are dance and musical spectaculars. Very cheeseball love stories for the most part no matter what their genre ( or so it seems to me ). I loved this movie though, the music was really really awesome and me and my friends were toe tapping our way through the movie.

Mind you it is really cliched stuff. There are no real surprises, after the first 20 minutes, one could probably have written out the rest of the script fairly accurately. But it is really well done. You even get over the fact that the music is SOOO obviously dubbed.

I'm not going to even describe the plot, although you might want me to explain the rules of cricket by then end, because it doesn't matter. It's the spectacle, the pretty amazing cinematography, the dancing, the singing, even the acting really.

Strangely enough the British aren't even really given THAT bad of a rap.

See it, you'll enjoy it!