Friday, November 14, 2003

my cube lives, long live the cube

thanks to the fine attention of MacAdam here in SF, my Cube is now back up and running. Not that they could tell me really what I did. Luckily, nothing was damaged, not even the original RAM I had. Go figure. Now I've tripled my RAM and my Cube is humming along nicely again. Except for the fact that they told me there is some unfixable damage on my hard drive, so a lingering fear will remain until I decide to replace it, or get a new computer. Technology is awful sometimes.

What else to say? i've been busy at work, and all my philosophy is going into my novel. Ok, well it's not even really going in there, except what already is there of course (some 5000 words). I'm hoping I might double the words by the end of the month -- well shy of my the NaNo 50,000 goal, but it's been a tough month.

I did have a couple amusing BART experiences lately. One woman nearly falling on me as she got up from her seat, and as the train suddenly changed speed, who then dissolved into embarrased laughter. It was a little disconcerting to hear noise.

I definitely have an aversion to speaking on public transport. Maybe because I know if I was someone else, I would be listening, I don't know. Anyway, so I'd made eye contact with this one heavy set hispanic-looking guy one night as I walked down the stairs to the platform on 16th Street, and he struck up a conversation with me, trying to figure out which way he should be going. It didn't take a couple words to know that he was drunk.

He followed me on board and sat down next to me..
- Are you a professor or something?
- No, I said. What? Is it my grey hair? The jacket?
- No, you just look smart. You probably work the computers and stuff.
- Yep, that's what I do.
- Oh, you're going to destroy us all one day, he said very matter of factly.
- Huh?
- Well you know like that Terminator 3 shit. You're going to invent something like that, man.
- Uh, I don't think so.


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