Wednesday, November 26, 2003

movie review: love actually

movie review: love actually a sweet little movie in the sweet kind of cute sense. it was not as cutsie as it could have been, nor certainly as complicated as it could have been -- but it did have plenty of complications, enough to make it real and ring true on many counts.

the best thing about it was the humor -- good solid english humor -- a little bit slapstick, a little bit sly, with some good little jabs in on current affairs. the funniest perhaphs, being the relationship started while being the two are stand-ins for a porn movie.

there were perhaps a one too many relationships with gorgeous younger women falling for old men, but it is hollywood after all.

the worst thing though, is that i have this really dreadful pop song stuck in my head which does not want to seem to leave. urgh.


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