Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Last weekend, or maybe it was the weekend before that, I was coming home. We had been getting some heavy clouds moving through, dumping rain here and there. Lovely stuff: huge towering castles in the sky, wind, the smell of rain. I was pedaling home, and the light was fantastic, everything seemed to glow when the sun hit it, a little above and beyond your usual twilight photography weather. A great wall of cloud was sitting over twin peaks and the sun was ready to dip below it. And I suddenly found myself in a glorious mood, racing around the mission/soma border looking for good photos to take. Nothing quite like being on a bike and in a good mood, somehow.

Hopefully, the photo with the Rainbo truck and the rainbow above it will come out.

So the war is over. The battle for the peace, seems already frought with peril. Naturally, I find myself fighting against hoping Bush will fail. I find it hard to know what to think anymore about it. Seems like we could easily end up with another Islamic state as anything else. The biggest question I think, is not whether democracy will happen or not, but how we will react when the vote goes against us.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

from my sister's backyard in tucson

africanized bees?

from the 'hood

on their way to a break

waiting for action

protest helicopter

Didn't realize the sky was so beautiful that night.