Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Right of Way

I submitted a poem to the 511.org bicycle poetry contest around bike to work day. And I won (a brand $600 new bike)! I was probably one of two people who submitted, but hey! given that I wrote it in all of 10 minutes, not a bad return :-)

Some people will recognize the irony that I was in a bike accident several weeks later. And that my helmet (on my head and not on the handlebars) saved my precious noggin.


I am gliding on my bike,
my helmet is hanging from
my handlebars,
the wind speeds through my hair,
my finger is poised above the bell


I don't want to stop.

I want this hill to go forever
I want the lights to remain an
I want those cars and people to
give way
to my inertia.

I don't want to stop.

I would coast forever
if I had my way,
past giant buildings,
old houses,
children waving by the side of the road,
past traffic,
past box stores,
out into the country,
along the coast,
small towns and large, and
look, I am back where I started, because

I don't want to stop

I would coast forever.

But I do stop. I brake and come to a halt,
bring a foot back to the ground,
lean on my handlebars,
and let you pass on
your way.

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