Tuesday, February 04, 2003

movie review lagaan. I have always viewed musicals as a somewhat suspect breed of movies. I was somewhat turned around by my little sister who was into Fred Astaire and Sinatra movies, and whenever I was home I'd often end up watching and enjoying them. But still suspicion has lingered.

The other night though I saw a Bollywood film. Bollywood for those of you who don't know is the Hollywood of India, and they are quite prolific. Most of the movies ( if not all? ) are dance and musical spectaculars. Very cheeseball love stories for the most part no matter what their genre ( or so it seems to me ). I loved this movie though, the music was really really awesome and me and my friends were toe tapping our way through the movie.

Mind you it is really cliched stuff. There are no real surprises, after the first 20 minutes, one could probably have written out the rest of the script fairly accurately. But it is really well done. You even get over the fact that the music is SOOO obviously dubbed.

I'm not going to even describe the plot, although you might want me to explain the rules of cricket by then end, because it doesn't matter. It's the spectacle, the pretty amazing cinematography, the dancing, the singing, even the acting really.

Strangely enough the British aren't even really given THAT bad of a rap.

See it, you'll enjoy it!


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