Tuesday, May 11, 2004


i left out more positive aspects of our desires for inefficiencies and a larger point. The other aspects being: artistic endeavors, fiction, poetry, movies, gardening, music, enjoying the outdoors, just hanging out with friends and family, etc. A larger point being that there are good and fine reasons for being inefficient - it could be said (arguably, of course) that humans are most happy when they are being inefficient.

so perhaps, we could simply talk about our economic motives differently: we don't want economic growth for growths sake; we don't want efficiency to maximize our profits; we don't want to be productive for the sake of capital, we want to do it in order maximize the inefficient use of human time outside of work (and perhaps, channeling my inner environmentalist, making things efficient and productive so they have the least impact on the environment).

how would this square with capitalism as it currently stands? what would have to change? does personal efficiency (convenience) trump global efficiency? how would things be different (the growth of big box stores, sprawl).


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