Monday, April 26, 2004

hot, lovely heat

the weather the past two days has been of the sort where you don't quite believe you are in San Francisco anymore. it's not that it never happens, but that it is never there on much of a predicatable basis (other than in late summer).

i've been walking around with languid steps dreaming of swaying hammocks and dappled light under a nice old tree, my clothes soaking up the warmth and bringing it down onto my skin

and as the sun went down, and the fog did not materialize on twin peaks, i realized it was one of the 2 or 3 nights we have a year, where we don't have to put on the extra layer we've carried around all day and instead, head over to Mitchell's ice cream at 10pm and get a nice cup of ice cream.

which is what i did last night with a couple of fine friends last night. This after hanging out at another friends house for a few hours, eating chinese food on her back porch, and sitting in her hot tub for a long glorious soak swapping stories.

all that topped off with a nice walk home in the delicious warmth of a rare san francisco night.


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