Friday, April 16, 2004

physics is cool

physics is cool. physics are cool. hmmm not sure about that one.

in any case, liz and i recently installed a nice new cabinet in our kitchen. I was not particularly happy about the project -- considering that it meant hanging something large and heavy into which we would put other heavy things in drywall ( well it turns out there was some wood as well).

but miraculously enough it is up (it took us several trys and much consternation, with a few bolts dropped into the wall) and seemingly doing fine. two hollow wall bolts, that's it, and it blows me away each time I think about it.

we tend to think of physics in the day to day as something unatainable, quantum fluctations, probabilities, intense and insane math, but much of our modern world is built on much simpler principles of physics, like the lever and the pully.

yet another project I could embark on, learning all the high school physics that I happily forgot at the time...


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