Tuesday, March 16, 2004

dog days

If this heat keeps up, I can see SF residents beginning to snap in the heat. It's been a week now with amazing weather and warm nights. It feels like we've been transported to some distant clime.

a friend wondered the other day on the way to san jose, if sf's character would be permanently changed if our weather was always like this. no complaining about the fog or the uncalfornian chill.

we were on our way to see a indi film shot in sf, quality of life about the relationship between to graffitti artists on the cusp of change. driven to do graffitti, but increasingly under pressure to give it up and be legit. nicely shot, good atmospherics and a decent story that carried all the way through. some really funny comic scenes. the sound wasn't the best, and one friend complained of its clicheness, but as good as most hollywood ever gets in the end.


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