Tuesday, March 02, 2004


a common site on the streets of san francisco these days is telltale white earphone cords. every time i see them I somehow feel left out, like I am not the member of some strange but pervasive cult thriving in our midst.

it reminds me of a couple ways that I feel that I am not your typical "american." cars and music.

one is that I have no interest in cars. none. tell me you have a porsche and i'll yawn and ask you what books you are reading. occassionally, I'll see a car and think, wow, nice car. they tend to be old old cars, or something like a hybrid. but i don't really care about the car per se. give me a nice bicycle to roll around in anyday. not to say that they have not been useful in my life, or that I don't have one now. but i just don't give a darn. it's been this way since I was a teenager at least. probably since one of my high school coworkers spent most of his time complaining about fixing his car. not the way I want to spend my money.

secondly is -- to the point of this post -- music. do i like music. yes. do i buys cds, listen to the radio, like to go to concerts. no i do not. i do listen to music every once in a while, I do like going to see bands in small cafes and bars, like dancing, like playing music -- but i have no urge, no keen desire to go out and listen to all the latest and greatest. i have no depth of musical knowledge and I don't care. and it's always been that way. don't know why.

my friends will laugh at this and ask, "what about food, adrian. pickles? ketchup? mustard? mayo? peanut butter!?!" and while I will not deny that I abhor those things ( unless the peanut butter is with chocolate ), it is hardly unamerican. or maybe it is. make that 3 things.


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