Monday, February 23, 2004

hurray for newsom

I didn't think I would be saying this. I did not vote for him. I thought our newly appointed mayor was going to turn out to be a somewhat slightly better mayor than willie brown, but that essentially it would be business as usual. That is all about Business.

But it turns out that his exterior image of politician caricature hid something from me. A kernel of decency perhaps. One could put this all down to politics and say that he did this to win over the Gay vote, but really, he probably already had the majority of that vote. He probably has gained some votes from people on my side of the spectrum, but the next election is 4 years away.

I'm glad I never reached the level of saying "he is evil" that some in the SF Progressive movement seemed fond of chanting. I just did not trust him. Now... I'm not sure if Ammiano had been elected mayor that he would have taken this step.

It was a brave thing. And they deserve to be married -- all of those who desire it.


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