Monday, February 09, 2004

smooth move

thanks to the ample arms and cars of a number of friends (eric, eric, grace, bob, kira, 'deep, doug, and peat) the norman conquest is now nearly empty of books, clothes and other miscellani.

it's kind of sad being home. the wall before my computer is bare, and our bookshelves stand empty. i itch to fill them.

this morning i discovered the best way to wait for utility companies. give them your cell phone number and let them call you when they actually arrive. I discovered this unwittingly this morning -- I had thought I had made an appointment for NEXT monday -- but just as I was leaving for work, I got a call from a somewhat irate call from a PG&E gasman.

note, that this route does leave you with rather surly service. he almost left before I could get him to invesitage a heavy smell of gas in the front room, and he nearly waved me off even then "Gas? you might smell dirt. But when he went in, he went out again and got his box, and made some adjustments, and then went back and checked the other heater to boot."

I was glad I listened to my (rather ineffective) sense of smell on that one.


yesterday was also notable in that the weather turned and it was actually warm at times. Still a but nippy in the shade, but today I didn't even need my gloves biking home. A first for several months. Looking forward to some surprising warm spring days where biking is an absolute joy instead of just a plain old joy.


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