Wednesday, February 11, 2004

big old dog

I lost the keys to my new apartment yesterday somehow -- it was a bad day -- so tonight I went to meet a guy from the property management company to get new keys. I was waiting on the porch and who should come along but this big old lump of a golden retriever.

We'd met him the day we moved in, and he had come over with a big stuffed rabbit in his mouth, his tail wagging his body, greeting us as we were hanging out on the steps snacking. Tonight he had not one stuffed animal, but two. I accidently knocked one from his mouth, and when I placed it in front of him again, he dropped the other one, took the smaller one in his mouth, placed it on the bigger one, and then picked the two up again. Smart dog! I thought.

It was a nice evening, a couple new friends of mine stopped by to check out the apartment -- they had been looking as well and wanted to see what we got; a long time friend who lives on the street walked by; a couple of my neighbors; and finally a girlfriend of a coworker as I was pedaling home.

A good day.


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