Sunday, January 11, 2004


i had a question pop into my head in royal grounds cafe the other night. i was killing an hour or so before i went to see a friend back off to Sweden ( good luck Sara and Felix! ) and i went in for a nice latte and some time to sit and write.

which i did, but hearing the conversations i did and seeing all the usual stuff on the walls, i had to wonder: are all cafes bastions of liberalism? this is not just a phenomena specific to san francisco, i see it wherever i go. even starbucks have a faintly distinguishable aroma of the non-american.

or is this just an illusion of mine? are there cafes out there that are bastions of the righteous right? i know they must like coffee, some of them at least. but are there cafes that cater to them? i have to hope not.


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