Wednesday, January 21, 2004

state of the union

i didn't -- couldn't really -- watch the state of the union last night. i knew that i would feel angry and ill by the end of it. even during the clinton years, i couldn't really stomach it. all the clapping interruptions, the mostly vacuous and or misleading promises, and the glowing reviews of their own importance and effectiveness are hard for me to watch.

i heard his voice though, come wavering through a SUV window though and I was suddenly reminded of the last time I really watched any state of the union.

it was during another Bush, and I had invited over a girl for dinner -- a girl I'd had a long time crush on -- who liked me even -- but with whom I was too shy and intimidated to really make anything of it. Anyway, so I had on a whim invited her over for dinner, I can't remember if she'd called me or I her. But anyway, much to my surprise and much to the surprise of my best friend and roomate, she accepted.

so, I was stoked, and got busy preparing and she came over and we were having a good time... and then one of my other roommates walked in and flipped on the tube. it was the State of the Union, and as a political junkie herself she was inclined to watch.

my bestfriend desperately worked in my defence and tried to get the other roommate to go out, but he was clueless and I wanted to strangle him right there and then, but I didn't thing it would go over too well with her.

alas, hope faded, my roomate never left, but she did soon after the State of the Union was over.



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