Sunday, January 11, 2004

a bird not in the hand is worth what exactly


this weekend has been all about apartment hunting. not actually what I was expecting or wanting to do. but it was a sudden realization of what i needed to do. Liz was doing a meeting at work, so it was a solo effort for the most part.

but for the first time in a while i found myself enjoying it. which i think can be reduced to the simple fact that i was out on my bike in pretty darn fine weather, tooling around one of my favorite places on the planet (of which there are many in case you were wondering). i even saw some decent apartments which left me with an additional patina of hope.

not that we've come away from the weekend with an apartment, but at least i had a good time, wrote a couple letters, and had a beer in one of my favorite cafes (of which there are many...)

my favorite signage from the weekend:
minumum clearance less than expected

a bird in not in the hand, is worth what exactly?
pigeon in the lower right corner

click on either image to see a quickly made up homage to the years leaving and coming.


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