Thursday, October 23, 2003

i love my san francisco

i walked to meet a friend today. my bike had a flat and I felt I needed the exercise and besides, the weather has been amazing. nice and warm, sunny, with the most amazing sunsets... the clouds all whispy and stretched across the sky, white paint brushed in thin streaks across the sky, white turning to a deep orange as the sun sets behind the twin peaks fog.

the most amazing thing today though was the birds at the metreon. i'd noticed them a couple times in the past month gathering in the trees of yerba buena gardens, chattering away madly. here today though there were thousands wheeling through the sky, different flocks shifting back and forth, melding, dividing. The edges of the Loews theater were lined with the birds, chirping away framed against the sides.

the weird thing was that I felt, besides another couple I was the only one looking. most people walked on by heads down, not caring. How couldn't they? I thought. How could they just ignore this amazing thing happening above their heads?

anyway, so i walked home as well. walking does wonders for me, puts me in the best of moods, makes me reflect, observe, see a little deeper. when I am the most awake perhaps...


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