Friday, October 03, 2003

lovely fall

The weather is gray gray gray, and on the cool side. which most people hate, but i find quite nice -- makes me nostalgic for Michigan falls. It was even more like fall up in Seattle where Liz and I went for a wedding a few weekends back. Steel gray clouds, a chill wind, and falling leaves. It made me think of being a kid and out with the family on a Sunday afternoon, trodding through the leaves in Maybury State Park or someother such location. Still I hope our summer is quite over yet. Even though we had some really warm days it did not seem like we had enough over all. But maybe I'm being greedy.

I do have a hard time remembering patterns in the weather. When does it usually get cold, when are the warmest days, when does it begin to rain. Maybe its because in all reality SF weather does not really vary that much. There's a rain season and a non rain season, and there is more fog and more heat in the non-rain season. That would about do it.


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