Friday, October 10, 2003

drinking review

a week or so ago i went to drinks with a bunch of Yahoos. several of my friends were there but i was bored to tears -- partly because my friends descended into the depths of motorbike talk which there is often no return, partly because i had not real desire to try and meet anyone new.

last night however, drinking with edj and ff, now that was what i think going out to a bar and drinking is all about. high minded, semi-drunken philosophizing!

i remember back in college, having finished our ecology final, a few of my classmates and i, and the TA who I had a crush on, ended up at my favorite warm afternoon hangout in Ann Arbor -- Domonics. their lovely pitchers of strawberry daquiries were flowing, and my classmates -- who i up until then I thought were little better than dull frat boys I had no desire to hang out with -- became brilliant thinkers and observers. it was a startling transformation.

of course, there is a diminishing return which I try to avoid at all costs, lest the next day be too painful.


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