Tuesday, October 14, 2003

movie review: billy eliot

for some reason, I had for a long time resisted seeing this movie. i think i suffered from the same resistance to ballet that billy's father and brother had. you want to do what?

but it's a really great, fun movie, with some deeper undercurrents -- well in the tradition of musical, dancing irish and british islanders ( the committments, full monty, etc. ). And great accents as well -- but not too deep.

my wife pointed out that he was doing an awful lot of tap for someone studying ballet, but hey you have to have some liberties I suppose, and (he says somewhat hesitantly) it might be a little more interesting to watch.

I think if you were a big fan of fred astaire movies you might have seen more. fred astaire movies are pretty great the few I've seen courtesy of my younger dancing sister...


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