Monday, November 01, 2004

fire drill

literally. the fire alarm went off around 5 and they even managed to drag a good percentage of the office out of the building... hmmm just a tad suspicious -- but maybe we were all being paranoid.

out on the street, a republican bedecked, loudspeaker blaring republican get out the vote SUV, gets heckled by 4 floors of democrats (3 state hq and 1 local candidate). The driver grins but bears it.


At 3:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey AC -- Just remember, it's always darkest just before it gets pitch black. John Muir (whose mathematical skills were little known, but prodigious)used to express this with the formula c=e/Tw, where c=chaos, e=energy, and Tw of course equals Twix bars. Dude wasn't humpin' over those granite domes in the Sierras on stale bread crusts, like the books say. Twix bars, bro -- the original power food. Eat more Twix bars! You only get cred for the number of wrappers you bring back; don't be trying to get credit for the individual stick-bars within one wrapper, it's one wrapper equals one bar bro.

Hang tough,


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