Sunday, October 31, 2004

feast and famine

Much as I expected, work has come in waves, and when the waves come you do your best to dive in and miss the crashing waves. Crashing of course being a key worry. We try to vet each computer that is brought into the office. A virus the day before had brought the network down. Otherwise, it was mostly tracking down errors in cables. Cables are everywhere underfoot in a twisted profusion, and finding the beginning and ends is sometimes a challenge. A few computers die: 1 keyboard to coffee, 1 screen to age, and a network card to the same. But otherwise it is mostly easy stuff amounting mostly to "is it plugged in?" The hardest thing is often getting people to pay attention to you, their minds half elsewhere, interrupted by other people, other more important problems.

The first day however is brought to a grinding halt when the network goes down. We spend and hour as people mutter and mumble trying to track it down. Our router, our nice lovely hook up to the internet has died, admist rumors of attacks on Kerry websites, we try and fix the problem, but a couple hectic and stressed hours later are back up and running.


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