Monday, October 18, 2004

morning light

morning clouds
Woke up this morning to a beautiful but somewhat unnatural orange glow diffusing through the house. I cursed I found out my camera batteries were near dead, and the light had pretty much faded to grey by the time they had enough juice. The clouds were still pretty though as the above picture can attest.

Saw Paul Hawken speak as part of Stewart Brand's Long Now Foundation monthly lecture series... It was a good speech, as others have attested. It also began a serendipitous evening: dinner with a friend I haven't hung out with in a while; meeting my long time acquaintance mike; bumping into some coworkers who unexpectedly took me up on my invite; drinks with them; drinks with some old coworkers; and then bumping into an even older coworker -- who just happened to know my upstairs neighors who were also there.

Which led to the next night, a dance performance which was pretty fabulous, where I ran into a friend of my little sister, and possibly a TA (or close enough) from my days at UM.

Sunday was not nearly so exciting. I did do this (3Mb QT), but it ain't quite done.

Meanwhile 'Deep is knocking on doors in Florida. Go 'deep!


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