Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Been a very quiet few days, post election, and having my wife home. Mostly just bunkered down and hung out with Liz. Oh we did see a movie what was it oh yeah, Comedian, see my review below. The only other development around home at least is that i've created a monster cat: Bob. Starved for affection this guy is. If you're down in the garden he is now constantly underfoot, and mad if you are moving away from him. We're already developing a comic routine where he hops on the stones in front of me as I move down the garden path, constantly meowing his piteous meow. I almost wish I'd never had a "break through" now. Chorizo is even more out of the loop, as he is generally loath to be near when Bob is around.

review comedian a glimpse into the world of the standup comic. A place quite frankly that I have no desire to be, even much as a spectator I find. But that did not detract from the documentary actually. Seinfeld seems a pleasant enough person, striving to do good by his audience -- in stark contrast to an up and coming comic whose name escapes me, who burned of ambition and desire to be NEXT, and who despised his audience and anyone who dared offer him criticism or perspective. The reason I assume he got on was because he shares the same agent as Seinfeld, why the agent puts up with the asshole I've no idea. "It's business", as Tony Soprano might say, a place personal feelings, supposedly at least, are put to the side. It does not seem like an easy job by any stretch, the need to constantly be on the go out in front of an audience, and developing one's material... yuck. not my kind of job. i'll take web development any day.


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