Friday, October 25, 2002

Today a sad day for Democrats, for good government, and for my wife. Paul Wellstone died in a plane accident this morning along with his wife, daughter and some other staff. Liz has been out there a work, helping with the campaign. She'd put a lot of herself in getting out there to help, overcoming various stresses at work, and general exhaustion from travelling so much this year. She'd developed a personal connection with him, having driven him and his wife to a fundraiser earlier this year, and always like to be in the thick of intense political campaigns -- and this one was going to be close. Yesterday she'd been driving him around again, and had met other people who were on that plane. It must be hard to see all that end, and it is sad to see a good man, one of the better politicians, not to mention the other peopl on the plane, come to such an untimely end.


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