Thursday, November 07, 2002

first rain of the end of the year. it's always my thought that i should write down weather patterns -- especially here, where they seem so much less pronounced. there was a momentary crash of thunder outside -- a rarity, and something I miss. we usually get one big electrical storm per year and that is it. it's very strange. so much i would love to know about weather.

but yeah, this kind of weather, makes me very happy, my english/irish rain splattered ancestory is soothed by the sound perhaps. and here where we see no rain for a good 7-8 months through the summer: i miss it.

the weather just before and after a thunderstorm is my absolute favorite, the smell of ozone and rain, a sense of anticipation, especially before the storm hits. watching the towering cumulus trundle by, imagining flying up those cliffs...

the fog here has it's fine qualities in terms of a thing to be observed, but it barely holds a candle to a thunderstorm.

this is a picture a few years old, out our front window, from one of the most amazing electrical storms i've ever seen -- lightning bridging horizons, flying horizontal as it moved across the city.


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