Tuesday, October 01, 2002

taking stocks in stock listening to the radio this morning, I reflected again upon the mess that is the stock market. The continued sell off is happening because no one trusts the market anymore. The problem with public companies, in my opinion, is that the product of the company becomes the stock, not whatever the do or make. So is it any wonder that companies do all the finagling they can to make their stock more palatable? The price of the stock is what lines managements pockets, underwrites 401ks, it doesn't matter really if there car works well, or if their burgers are tasty, so long as they show they can turn a profit. Is it any wonder that investment firms and accounting firms help with this finagling? It is after all in their interest, the more they sell, the more they make in commissions, the more profit they can show so their stock does well. We'll see how far it can fall... or how it might be controlled.

java in lighter thoughts, I wrote my first java program last night and it worked exactly as I wanted was hoping it might, much to my amazement. Probably not the best code in the world, but not the worst either.


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