Wednesday, September 18, 2002

today is one of those days that it is a joy to ride my bicycle to work. perfect 70sh temperature, light breeze, blue skies, lovely smell in the air. now if i could rid the streets of cars... ok, yes i don't like cars, or i should say i don't like the overwhelming prominence that cars have in our lives. only the computer and the tv have equal or greater claims on our lives i think. not that i don't like driving -- in fact this would be a pretty nice day to drive -- if one was out in the country or a small town somewhere, bored and wanting to explore some.

the other kind of day that is my favorite day is, somewhat preversly, when it is pooring with rain. no idea why. must be my anglo-irish blood inheritance.

speaking of bicycles, this month is the 10th anniversary of critical mass. check out they got some great posters commerating the date. got to think of something to hand out on the ride.


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