Thursday, September 26, 2002

Altered States great propoganda posters altered for the wierd times in which we find ourselves.

Also want to publicly state that I am against this war that we are trying to drag the world into. Yes the world would be better without Saddam, but it would be better without many dictators who are our friends (and enemies). I think the Bushes and those cabinet we've inherited from earlier days are eager to redress their failings, and really their defeat -- Saddam still alive and kicking for a decade past the Gulf War. This isn't about oil, or terrorism this is about revenge. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe Saddam is ready to strike out at the world again, but it doesn't quite fit. He's got to know that if he does use them, he is essentially a dead man, I don't think he's that much of a madman. He's a weasley survivor -- the only plans he probably has for those chemical and biological weapons is US troops when they invade, otherwise he'd already be using them.


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