Wednesday, October 09, 2002

review tobias wolf by word for word. The concept of acting out a short story, word for word, sounds a little odd, at first. but if one considers the enjoyment garnered from reading aloud to children or to adults, then it is not so strange.

especially when it is done as well as the word for word troupe. Not just a reading, but an enacted reading. One could imagine this done pretty badly, but word for word is amazing. the choreography of reading -- who reads what lines (one character or several) is really brilliant for one -- there is no narrator figure, it is all done by the characters themselves, chiming in when it is most appropriate. the stage design and lighting was also tremendous.

lay this atop the great short stories of tobias wolf, you then have an amazing thing.

if you live in SF, go see it! They play til Oct 19 at the Magic Theater in Fort Mason

Word for word is a part of zspace


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