Thursday, June 20, 2002

Movie Review Bourne Identity a not bad spy thriller -- one last afternoon movie before I go back to work. Although this was really more of a chase movie, a la the Fugitive or Enemy of the State, then a spy thriller. Good chase scenes, but I think the aforementioned to are going to be hard to top, plus there is some weird back story -- mind control or something that was thankfully mostly left on the cutting room floor. There is just enough though to make you go, huh?. My favorite continuity break in this movie is the haircut scene. From hack job, to hundred dollar haircut in 2 seconds flat. It was a cute haircut at least ;-) As for spy thrillers, don't think I've seen a really interesting one, not based on a book, since No Way Out the only Kevin Costner movie I've ever liked (which may have been based on a book for all i know).


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