Wednesday, June 12, 2002

World Cup So england is through, yeah! Though the game versus nigeria was a bit dull. The first half was fun enough. But then the second half, both teams decided that losing would be bad. It was the most gentemenly game though. Nary a card proffered.

Spain v South Africa was a great game. Very open and for the most part (until the South Africans got a little desperate in the end) free of any tackling nastiness. Beautiful passing though, both teams fun to watch, especially spain, who in all fairness deserved the 3-2 win. Alas the South Africans did not make it through, Paraguay coming back to win 3-1 on 10 men. Didn't see the game though.

I'm predicting, for some vague reason, Spain v Brazil in the final, with Spain coming out on top.

Sentinmental favorites would be
US v England (who would I root for though)
South Korea v Japan (wouldn't that be awesome!)
Ireland v Senegal

Who knows it could happen!


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