Monday, June 10, 2002

great football (soccer) updates check out the minute by minute match reports. great pithy commentary.

"12 min If you were a martian who chanced upon this game, you'd get the distinct impression that these teams don't like each other very much. Or maybe it's just me..."
-- minute by minute for the US v Korea Game.

US vs Korea was a bit dissappointing. US looking pretty lackluster in the second half and not trying for goal. 6 shots to 19 Korea. We almost didn't even deserve the tie. Of course, given that pratically the whole stadium was a sea of Korean colors, and awash in supporting Korean noise, it must be hard to keep that out. And the Koreans just outran the US. The little speedskating goal celebration was pretty amusing too.

Sadly Portugal is back in form. 4-0 over Poland which bodes ill for South Korea. Lets hope crowd support kicks in there too!

The Italy loss to Croatia 1-2 was a fun game too watch. Particularly because of the contraversial calls. Best I could tell the first dissallowed goal should have been allowed. the italians were furious by the end of play. The Italy Mexico game I fear is going to be nasty.


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