Sunday, July 08, 2007


Transformers - I heard from a lot of people that this was worth seeing. Only just. If it is at all enjoyable to watch it is because the plot is thin, the action fast and furious, with enough decent comedy thrown in to keep it light.

Sadly it is weighted down by the ponderous and ridiculous statements of Optimus Prime, and the equally ridiculous performance of John Turturro (sp?). As if, the director/writers couldn't quite make up their mind to write a Men in Black style parody, or a Armageddon style science fiction movie.

The movie certainly has all the qualities of a Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster. They might have well just used the same soundtrack as the Rock or Armageddon, and the paeons

Granted I was not a Transformer fan as a kid, so perhaps it is mostly a nostalgia trip? Why do I continue to go see movies that are translations of things I did not care about to being with. That's the real question!



At 3:05 PM , Blogger Amandeep said...

Wow - I couldn't disagree more. I thought it was a blast - surely a mindless action packed romp but there is a time and a place for such things & it was a pretty darn good one. Yes, Optimus Prime should have never said anything, but the script was funnier and more fun than I expected and the action was great. I had mixed expectations (some friends liked it a lot, you said it was lame) - but all and all I thought it was quite fun, even if it was one big product placement for GM. :-)

At 3:18 PM , Blogger Adrian Cotter said...

ha expectation setting worked! :-)

As I said, or perhaps could have said more forcefully, that it was enjoyable.

But it could have been much better and more enjoyable (for me) with some judicious editing and rescripting...


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