Tuesday, August 24, 2004


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I did another city ramble this past weekend, and it turned into one of those perfect days. The weather was a little dismal but it didn't bother me -- kept the sun off my already peeling skin (from a trip to Cape Cod ). Walked up to the Randall museum, up through Mount Olympus, down into Cole Valley (for a bite at the boulangerie), up throught the woods over UCSF, over the summit and then down and into the Inner Sunset from Clarendon, stopping at a friends, heading into Golden Gate Park for a nice lie down in Strybring, dinner and drinks at another friend's place in the Haight, and then a final leisurely stroll downhill to home.

It was brilliant, ran into one friend who is living in Italy and happened to be in town, saw two D5 supervisor candidates campaigning, met a multitude of cats. Very serendipitous as only a long walk in a city can be.

Saw less interesting buildings, though I did walk past a beautifully landscaped monument on Mount Olympus, built by Sutro to mark the (former?) geographic center of SF. A knowleagble neighbor, and caretaker of the garden around it told me about it. A statue had once been on top, but had apparently fallen apart.

It still always surprises me when I can find complete solitude in the middle of San Francisco. I only saw 2 people (plus 2 cats and a dog) on the trails in the forest above UCSF, and nobody on the field on the summit. The neighborhood beneath it, to the south west, was near deserted as well. While I didn't mind the solitude while in the forest, it does disturb me in the neighborhoods -- which is perhaps why I like living so much in a (relatively) crowded neighborhood, next to a park, with numerous cafes and bookshops.


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