Monday, August 02, 2004

Semi clean house for Kerry

We had a "Clean house for Kerry" yard sale this past saturday, and did quite well ($250) for a crummy foggy day. Mostly, it was fun meeting the neighbors, hanging out on the stoop all day, doing nothing.

Liz sold some of her and on old boyfriend's records, which probably garnered us the most money. Liz had almost not put them out, even though it was listed on our craigslist post. But, one of the first people came along and asked, "you said you had records? ..." So she relented.

As for me, I got to be in a video, some guy, a friend of a neighbors was doing ESL video, for a website he is building.

Liz had the funniest moment early in the day. A guy approaches:
- got any cast iron skillets?
- nope.
- got a mortar and pestle?
- no.
- got any erotic art?
- ahhh, no.

We still, of course, have a ton of crap. But enough good stuff for a seed for a second sidewalk sale.


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