Friday, August 22, 2003

stop fooling around

weird dream this morning, in between alarm snoozes.

Liz and I are pretending to be evangelists, trying to make up names for ourselves as we wait at the door. Azriel, I think. No. Gabriel. I choose something, the door opens we are invited in and sit down. I've forgotten my fake name already. There are a bunch of old people there. We sit in old chairs, or an old sofa. No one seems comfortable. Liz whispers, "give them the crackers." We've brought some, but no one is interested.

Another family enters, and things liven up a little. They've brought better gifts. I end up talking to this kid, 5 years old maybe. I'm trying to show him pictures from a trip. I'm having difficulties getting to the pictures I want to show him, and the kid is being horrible. I end up biting him in the arm, my hands being busy with the camera I guess, and after that he is much better behaved.

The pictures are cool, various metal statuary in some Chinese part of a city. Nice lighting and intracite metal work.

But biting, what's that all about?


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