Friday, March 21, 2003

Protests today are on the light side. Minus some 1400 hundred activists, with police out in force keeping people on the sidewalk, the disruption has been not as great. The steady thrum of helicopters and planes, is a pretty much constant downtown, punctuated by the occassional wail of sirens. People against the war seem split on what to think of it all.

The war presses on. The news programs are coming across as sports shows, admiring the technical prowess and the skills and the hardware. "A wave of steel" is sweeping northward. "I fell in love with this plane" said one journalist. "we were eating our fruit salads watching artillery shells explode, 'walking' towards us. A Wart Hog floated in, dispatched a missle, destroying the battery, and then floated off." Fruit salad? Then the US military complains when they hide their tanks in civilian centers. What do you expect them to do? Stand up and be destroyed like a man! We are just taking the country apart. The "heavy resistance" that has come in some sections, usually sounds like light resistance, after you read the article. I just wish we'd speak of these soldiers, these mens desctruction with a little more humility. I wonder if you compared the amount of money in men, equipment and training between the two sides, how would it stack up? How much does it cost to train a pilot? a driver? a special forces soldier? a regular soldier? to build a command and control center?


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