Thursday, March 27, 2003

Humility I could say we need a good dose of it. Maybe we already have. Funny though that Congress thinks the same thing as well.

Anyway, we call Al-Jazeera propoganda, but then we have our leaders and news reporting the Iraqis as using civilians and trickery -- the cowards. A smart bomb isn't trickery? Wearing body armor? Do we give up all our technological advantages seeking a fair and honorable fight? The answer is of course not. These cowardly Iraqis are merely resorting to the only thing really left to them. Their doing what any good soldiers would do, using every advantage they have to fight back. Wouldn't it be more cowardly if they backed down from the fight entirely?

I wish, and the Coalition soldiers probably, wish that the Iraqis would go ahead and surrender like they were supposed to. Nationalism apparently cuts a little too deep. What would you do if the States were invaded by a superior enemy?


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