Tuesday, January 14, 2003

nemesis the star trek franchise is petering out ( an aside here, what is the origin of the term petering out? some poor peter long ago who couldn't finish a task? ). enterprise has been dissappointing of late, and now the movie. blah. first of all: the plot is just dumb, the picard clone gone wrong, the inhabitants of remus being vampire look a likes, who want to destroy the universe in revenge, and bred for war -- how many bloody species in the star trek universe are bred for war?! second: the action is all just action, nothing that grabs you, pulls you out of your chair and slams you back in again ( granted that is something not easy to do, but there have been a couple star trek movies that have done that ), big explosions aren't enough! alas, maybe they'll stop, maybe they'll give up, maybe some decent minds will move onto something less overdone.

I can hope can't I?


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