Thursday, May 30, 2002

REVIEW/SPOILER:Attack of the Clones I so wanted to like this movie. Apparently so do a lot of other people, cause I simply do not know why this has gotten any good reviews. Ok yeah, there are some good special effects, Yoda's fight at the end is pretty fun, JarJar's part is mercifully short, and there are some decent action scenes. The actual story or plot is interesting and pleasantly twisted. But the acting is SOOOO Bad! And even worse -- the writing. It's criminal that so much money can be spent to such poor effect.
And not all the special effects are that great, ex. when annikin rides the cattle in the field, the cattle just look plain awful.
Questions though:
How did Amidala know they were headed for a hanger after she fell out of the transport?
How come the Jedi are so blind to just plain old politics. You'd think their wisdom MIGHT rely on something other than just the Force.
How come the battle techniques of these advanced cultures are so dumb? They are fighting 12th century battles with 24th century weapons (ironicly the fake preview that came out a long time ago wasn't that faroff with its altered Braveheart scene).
Why does Amidala even like Annikan? She's older, why doesn't she see him as a childish, arrogant asshole that he is? Surely she's met more interesting people.
What does "I die a little every day" even mean exactly?
Any answers, or additional questions would be welcome :-)


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