Tuesday, May 07, 2002

RANT, spoiler: So the X-Files. I'd stopped watching it the season before Mulder went AWOL, already it was heading downhill. i was lured back in with this episode countdown to the bitter end. The truth in sight? Could it get better or worse? Worse! The episode where they finished off the Lone Gunman was one of the first pieces of TV that I have ever seen. I couldn't figure out if the acting or the writing was worse. And this past weeks, the plots have holes so large you could drive a semi through them. How in god's name does someone get into the FBI academy on an assumed identity who clearly has mental problems. Isn't there a little something called background checks that they do? And then! John's son luke killed by a mafia guy who, lo and behold, has been bribing the new assistant director who clearly is a bad guy as well ( could they pick a more likely villain as an actor ), now we have proof. And why was he on the take? Who knows! Where's the truth i ask you?

Clearly, if it is anywhere, it ain't on the X-Files.


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