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I'm currently working as a senior webmaster at the Sierra Club: Doing some design and lots of Active Server page programing. Good people. Good cause. Happy me!

Most of my previous work experience centered around development, specifically web application development from a JavaScript/DHTML perspective -- not rollovers and dropdowns, but JS objects controlling an applications interface. Now made popular by places like google.

See < words > for some technical writing about these subjects.

Finally got my graphic design certificate from University of California Berkeley Extension. 5 years of night classes after I started! looking forward to taking more classes for fun. Childrens Books again, Flash maybe, Chinese calligraphy, painting and Espanol!


San Francisco provides ample opportunities for doing interesting things and volunteer work:

Recently I joined the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters as a board member. The SFLCV is affiliated with the California League of Conservation Voters and promotes conservation and protection of natural resources, environmental justice, and sustainability, as well as good government issues and political reforms. We mainly do that through endorsements of candidates and propositions, as well through actively creating and lobbying for and against legislation. My wife and I currently co-chair our Endorsement committee.

Volunteering in the local school district, helping out a teacher in 3rd grade class. It is one of the best things I've done in a long time. Check out San Francisco School Volunteers if you live in SF, or look for a similar organization in your own area! It is worth any effort.

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