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These are excerpts from my journal that I kept while I travelled the long way home from Taiwan. I went through Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Russia, Hungary, Vienna, the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France, Ireland and England. 13 countries. Mileage being roughly: 6,200 miles on 5 airplanes; 3,000 miles on 22 buses; 13,100 miles on 26 trains; 700 miles on 4 ferries; and 200 miles in 5 cars. Not to mention the inner city miles on buses, trams and subways; the country miles on horses and bicycles; the miles and miles (and more miles) on foot! All in a 143 days. A short time depending on who you talk to.


Taiwan and Hong Kong

Life in Taiwan
Predepature in Taiwan
Last Tastes of Civilization
Even more tastes of Hong Kong
On a plane to Vietnam


First Impressions of Vietnam
Wandering Hanoi
Money and Temples
Parks, Museums and Restaurants
Last Bits of Hanoi
Rain, Rough Water and Lonliness
Raining and Pouring on Catba Island
To Hang Vem Beach?
All Happy, but Leaving
In Sapa
Down on the farm
Listening in
The Last of Dear Companions
More Rain (last day in Vietnam)


Slow Bus to Kunming
Wandering Kunming
Stuck in the Blues
Appreciating Dali's Sun
Drinking Dali Beer

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