Dopey Dopey Dodos!

Dopey Dopey Dodos

Do you remember how hungry your hippos were? Well, that's nowhere near how dopey our dodos are. Dopey Dopey Dodos! is a 1 to 4 player game for the iPad. It is fun for kids, or nostalgic adults looking for a multiplayer board game from their childhood.

Players control a dodo trying to snatch up as many balls as possible before the other dodos do -- it's harder (and more fun!) than you think with a moving, tilting iPad. Play against your friends or computer controlled RoboDodos!

Apple iPad app programmed and designed by Adrian Cotter and friends, with special thanks to Dr. Peter Khoury, Dr. Geoff Davis and the patience and support of loved ones.

If you have any questions, suggestions, love or hate for the game, please email dodos -at-
More support information.

Additional Credits:

Our "sound on" indicator sound, from a hysterical recording (1.4Mb m4a file) of the word "dodo" courtesy of Palak Joshi.

Some vector math from Physics for Game Developers
By David M Bourg

Some game sounds from:

Some application code (for in app purchases) from Troy Brant:

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