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Purchased Dodos before April 26th, 2010?

Before the 26th, the application was a $1.99 to download. The version live as of the 26th is a free download with a "in-app" purchase required for the multiplayer version. Unfortunately, previous purchases are not recognized. We are happy to provide you with an itunes gift-certificate for the cost if you can send us the original reciept for the game. Please email with any questions. Sorry for the hassle!


If you have any questions, suggestions, love or hate for the game, please email dodos -at-

When sending bugs, please provide as much info as possible -- what state the game was: players versus robo dodos, main menu, winner states, etc...

If you have any ideas for us for the next version, please send our way.

You can also let us know about stuff on our Dopey Dopey Dodos! fan page on Facebook

We'll try and get back to you as soon as we can.

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