Sunday, February 06, 2005

super walk

nobby clark's folly
i happily avoided the super bowl today and instead listened in on the mumurings of dozens of parties as i walked about the city.

i went to check out this mansion which i'd walked by one day, and wanted to find out more about. after having googled 250 douglass now, I kind of want to know even more. i wonder if there are any historical photos of it and the land about it.

orginally attending to walk up some stairs to twin peaks i instead took a left turn and went up through kite hill park and then along grand view terrace.

i caught the sunset in diamond heights as well as a whiff of a fire that i could hear fire trucks racing towards. the neighborhood was oddly crawling with people (it is amazing how often they are not) and not just dog walkers.

i then intended to make my way over the hill to glen park but took a wrong turn, and as the sun had set decided to head down into noe valley. which i did but of course not taking the straightest route. found probably the only residential dirt road in the city. was a little odd.


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